Forklift VertiClad


Forklift VertiClad

The new Forklift Verti-Clad is the ideal aid for lifting and installing vertical wall panels including composite and cold store materials up to 15m long.   Designed to attach to a forklift or telehandler, the Forklift Verti-Clad effortlessly lifts heavy panels from a stack and rotates them into an upright position ready for installation thanks to its 90°rotation left and right and 90°slew left and right. 

Part of the Wirth Oktopus ® range, the Forklift Verti-Clad comes with a 400kg capacity and can install up to 6 panels per hour, helping to improve installation time on site and reduce the risk of injury or damage from manual handling. 

The Forklift Verti-Clad is compatible with different wall and cold store panel brands including Kingspan insulated wall systems, Isoclad cold store PIR panels, Eurobond rockwool panels, Trimo façade systems and more.  Contact our lifting advice team today to find out more.

Key Features

  • Install vertical wall or coldstore panels up to 15m
  • Slews 90°left and right
  • Rotates 90° left and right
  • Capacity 400kg
  • Install up to 6 panels per hour (depending on conditions)
  • Safer & quicker method of installation
  • 24V battery power supply
  • Battery recharge time: 8 hours approx
  • Weight of device: 450kg
  • Dual circuit vacuum technology
  • Low vacuum alert for extra safety
  • Safety chains supplied as standard
  • Not suitable for use in the rain
  • OEM Ref: Wirth KI-B

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