Forklift Multi-Clad


Forklift Multi-Clad

The OKTOPUS ® Forklift Multi-Clad is a specialist lifter suitable for both horizontal and vertical wall installation, and for the installation of ceiling panels, making it a popular choice for cold store construction.

This cladding manipulator features integrated hydraulic system with 180° tilt and 90° rotation to install ceiling panels up to 8 metres long, as well as lifting vertical panels up to 14 metres and horizontal panels up to 8 metres. 

Designed as a forklift attachment, the Forklift Multi-Clad comes with its own power supply which means there are no power cords to deal with during installation. This versatile vacuum lifter is operated by the forklift/telescope lift operator using a remote control panel attached by cable; it can also be equipped with a wireless remote upon request.

The Forklift Multi-Clad has two independent vacuum circuits (dual circuit) and audio-visual low vacuum alarm for added safety.

Key Features

  • Hydraulic System for Horizontal and Ceiling Installation
  • 90º rotation +/-
  • 180º tilt
  • Maximum Lifting Capacity – 400kgs
  • Dual vacuum circuits
  • Integrated Vacuum Meter and Charge Meter
  • Audio Visual Alarm
  • Battery operated.  Battery life up to 10 hours
  • Recharge time, 4-6 hours
  • Intelligent charger system, 110v
  • Safety chains supplied as standard
  • Not suitable for use in the rain
  • OEM Ref: Wirth Oktopus GI-B400

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